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21 February 2015 @ 12:16 am
... Right. So. This journal is mostly friends-only. If you're new here and would like to be privy to my private (and boring) life, comment here to be added and I will, generally add you back. If I've already friended you, there's nothing to worry about. I swear, one day, this journal will be pretty...

Let me know these things in your comment:
1. How you found me? DA? Blogger? Gaia? Telepathy?
2. Who you are? Give me a link to something I'll, hopefully, recognize.
3. Why you want to know about my life? Honestly, that's about all that's here. Well, that and con reports and ramblings and ranting. There's lots of ranting.

Let me set some ground rules as well.
1. Don't be an ass. It's just not cool.
2. Don't start off a conversation best reserved for email, IM, Skype, or what have you. This ain't an instant messenger.
3. Drama is the internet's favorite pastime, but not mine. Don't bring it here.
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12 January 2009 @ 01:24 am
Bored and I said I'd do this ages ago so... Bastille Playlists! No music, as I am lazy and these aren't complete. Everyone just has at least one song now. And things weren't supposed to be repeated but they are. Crap. Well, this is the not-so-definitive tracklisting for what I listen to when I come up with the crack that is Bastille.

PS: About the title, it's part of the chorus for Wine Red. No emo, I swears.

GeneralCollapse )

The Main CastCollapse )

CouplesCollapse )
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25 December 2008 @ 11:59 pm
Post your holiday wish-list in your journal along with this excerpt;
List up to ten things you'd like for the holidays. It can be anything from a new car, to a new livejournal icon. Then go to your friend's lists or even stranger's and grant some of their wishes if possible. You'll be surprised how good it feels to receive AND give for the holidays.

The ListCollapse )
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29 November 2008 @ 10:08 pm
Might as well make a post here. See my dA for commissions.

THE BOUNCER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I changed my mind after learning about Dissidia and I want to compare them, 'cause I'm a dork.

-Ghost Hunt vol. 1-3: $8 ea. or $18 for all 3 (all in like new condition. I never made it past volume 1.)
-School Rumble vol. 1: $7 (in like new condition)
-Claymore vol. 1-4: $6 ea. or $18 for all 4 (in very good condition, but I did read them through a few times and the covers aren't completely flat.)

-The Classic Fairy Tales by Iona and Peter Opie: $15 (brought it and never read it, but it has a lot of fairy tales, along with in-depth essays and discussions on the themes, et cetera... I brought it for the fairy tales...)
-Watership Down by Richard Adams: $1 (this book pretty much went through hell, probably at the bottom of my locker years ago, and it's too depressing to read again. May have notes, but I doubt they're very good.)

-Marvel's Arana manga TPB vol. 1-3 (I simply don't read it anymore and have lost interest. The binding glue has left this world on volume 2.): $6 ea. or $15 for all three
-Marvel's Spider-Girl manga TPB vol. 1 (Again, I just don't read it anymore. Good condition.): $6
Get all four for $18

These are all things I'm considering selling and haven't made up my mind yet. Make me an offer and see if I can refuse it. XD
-The Sims 2+Open For Business for PC (Brought these back when I still had a PC. Now I have a Mac and they'll be coming out with the Sims 3 soon enough. Besides, there are far too many expansions for me to try and catch up with now.)
-Mario Kart DS, Guilty Gear DS, Cooking Mama
-Coin Locker Babies by Ryu Murakami (Again, not interested in it anymore.)
-Danger After Dark boxed set (Only thinking about it because I'm not sure I'd be interested enough anymore. Includes Moon Child, Suicide Club, and 2LDK.)

I'll add to this as I go through all my stuff at the end of the semester.
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25 June 2008 @ 12:38 pm
I want some practice in making doll wigs, as well as web and Otakon examples (I know I'll stop after the one for Chester, honestly) so! If anyone has a BJD and would like a wig for it, I'm only charging the cost of materials, shipping, and Paypal fees. They'll be fairly simple and more or less unstyled unless you want 1. something SD sized and 2. not dreads. I'll do dreads, I think, just not without being paid for them. And... I don't know how to price them yet. >.< But yeah! Wigs at a fraction of the cost if you want them! Details would probably be good, I think...

-Made from Tokyolon (synthetic hair material)
-Mounted on soft stretchy cotton blend material (I forget what it actually is >.> But it's soft!)
-You only pay for the cost of hair, shipping, and Paypal fees (I have an overabundance of fabric, netting, thread, and everything else)
-Once you decide on a size, hair color, and approximate length, I'll give you a price quote
-If you'd like a dread wig instead, let me know in whatever form of initial contact

...I think that's everything. Yeah... I currently have a black-brown mix, burgundy, and a golden- or strawberry- blond/burgundy mix on hand and a beauty supply nearby.
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11 February 2008 @ 01:41 am
So. I'm sure, at some point, you've looked at/heard of/psychically gleaned information about TegakiE, right? Well, if not, you've been living under a rock. For serious. Even I know. Anyway, this whole venture was started by a friend of a friend and I've known about it since fairly early on and it's been cool to see it grow. Especially recently. However, the recent explosion of users means that the little slice of web space it started on can no longer contain the awesomeness. So! Please help out and donate a little. I actually plan on giving something as soon as I see how much Katsucon ends up costing me. Need more incentive? Okay. Donate $20 or more and get a sketch from fongmingyun/Grace. ... Good enough? Good. Because I totally sat and tried to help think of ways to raise money and failed. I might do something myself in the coming weeks, so keep an eye here.
By the way, the donate button is on the right hand side, under announcements.
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26 January 2008 @ 10:53 pm
Free art, whut?! So yeah, I'm doin' thangs.

1. Valentine's Day Postcards
I'm plotting some Valentine's to mail out to people. However, they will be gory and bloody and not safe for those who aren't strong of heart and stomach. ... Heh heh... heart... Get it? Anyways, I'm going to aim to mail them out on Thursday, February 14 or before. If you like one, send me a note on DA or email with your address. DO NOT POST IT HERE, AS COMMENTS ARE NOT BEING SCREENED! If you're going to be at Katsucon and I have them done, you can buy a print (standard print size) or mention this journal and get a free postcard/mini-print. However... I doubt anyone here will be at Katsucon so... yeah. If I know you in real life, you'll be getting one anyways, whether you want it or not! I'll probably hand it to you all smiles too! ^.^

2. Perfect Boyfriend Meme
Comment that you want art, and I'll design you a perfect mate. No, you can't tell me what you want them to look like, only if they're a boy or a girl! I'll be looking through your galleries to determine what type of person you might like, so please to be having a gallery and link me to your DA/PB/whatevs. :] DA is easiest...

That's it. I have nothing of import to say. Dreads tomorrow. Flippin' dreads! In my head! Madness!

Edit: I swear, this girl is the only one who can make me blush with some pencil marks and some words. Meet Byron, who, honestly, who make the perfect boyfriend.
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02 September 2007 @ 12:13 am
I hope no one's sticking around here for art, because there won't be very much. I've made a sketch blog here called Steam Powered Pencils. There's six sketches up there now, only one of which was posted to dA and only the first post was here. So yeah. If you want to see my WiPs, warm-ups, concepts, and so forth from now on, add the RSS feed and keep an eye on it. I'm sure I'll update at least once a week for a while. I might even post screens from my thesis, 3D work, and character design class. Sound Design and Tech's not yielding anything very interesting so far, so nothing from that class. I'll post here if there's been some kind of massive update or something.
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10 August 2007 @ 01:29 pm

You can email pre-regs to noscpgmg@gmail.com or go here.

No Scope Gaming @ MySpace
The Armoury, NSG's Forums

I posted this about five other places so sorry if your flist is inundated with a bunch of my post on different comms.
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01 August 2007 @ 09:46 pm
Alright, I need to face facts. I have no money and I want bento like a crack addict. So I'm taking some commissions to raise the funds. The price range is between $8 and $15 depending on difficulty for a pencil or pen over color pencil up to half-body. Feed my addiction, kthxbai! Oh, right, I suppose an example is necessary... Also, NEW ARTSES! It's Squall. ^.^ Email me if you'd like one. kamikaze[dot]echoes[at]gmail[dot]com
1. Open
2. Open
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5. Open
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